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Early Season On Grafham

Early Season On Grafham

Simon Lehane and Yvonne Webb, members of the SKB Fishbums, look at how Grafham is fishing so far this season.

Eight thousand one hundred fished stocked so far.

As we move into week three since Grafham open some trends are starting to appear, most fish have gravitated toward the north shore from Pig Bay to the Willows.

The wind has been kind for a change with no gales, mainly it has blown from the west or north which makes all of the north shore accessible to bank and boat anglers alike.

The water clarity is excellent but this can cause problems for bank anglers if the sun starts to shine with the fish moving out into the deeper water.

All of the points along the north shore are holding stock fish of similar size with very few of the residents showing yet.

The two best rainbows have weighed 6lbs 8oz and 5lbs 2oz with one 5lbs plus brown falling to Ben Bizzell (returned as out of season)

The most consistent tactics for boat anglers are two fish two flies on a heavy leader 0.24 mm diameter to avoid breakages with double hook ups which are a regular occurrence. The flies that are delivering the goods are black n green snake on the point with a tequila blob on the dropper. If the takes slow up switch to smaller white n green zonker on the point.

Fished on a Di7 40+ on a 15 feet leader the fish are found at about seven feet down, cast out count to ten while doing a figure of eight retrieve, if the fish have not taken on the drop start a roly poly retrieve. As you retrieve you will find the fish tapping at the snake, just keep retrieving until the line locks up solid. If the fish take the blob the take will be a simple pull on the line.

These stock fish are very fit and will give a good fight back to the boat. Make sure you have two landing nets in your boat.

The best advice I can give a boat angler is to drift with or without the drogue depending on the wind strength, prospect all of the points of the north shore and keep moving your drift until you find the fish. Do not anchor up once you have found fish as the fish will move away once you have caught a couple of them.

If you do however want to anchor expect that you will have to fish with much more imitative flies, maybe a hot head damsel or hot spot nymph, it will work but you will not catch the same quantity of fish that you find on the drift.

Anglers who were pulling flies quickly have been catching far more fish than those fishing nymphs slowly. In addition, I have noticed that the better sport has been in the morning, with things going quiet mid afternoon and then picking up again around 3.30pm-4pm.

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