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Christmas Island Fly Fishing

Christmas Island Fly Fishing

Christmas Island, or Kiritimati, is a stunning atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a huge range of fly fishing options such as Bonefish, Giant Trevally and offshore species.


If you are new to saltwater fly fishing then the odds are that you have been drawn to it by Bonefish. They were the first tropical fish that I caught on a fly and are found throughout a range of accessible fly fishing locations. Christmas Island has an excellent population of Bonefish which are found through the various flats within the atoll. You will need access to a boat to fish the majority of flats as there are deep channels in between. However, guiding and boat hire is relatively cheap in Christmas Island so is well worth it.

The Bonefish aren't difficult to catch so after a while you will be able to target single fish rather than those in pods, or target the bigger Bones or you will want to move on to the other species that the area has to offer.

Bonefish from the flats

Giant Trevally roam the flats coming out of the channels to hunt and present possibly the most difficult proposition of landing a fish on the fly that you will encounter. The Giant Trevally are in excess of 100lbs so you will see the shadows of them on the flats. Big flies that push a lot of water or big poppers will draw their attention. Once you hook them all you can do is hold on and hope to get them under control. Their job is to run for the horizon and your job is to stop them! Some heavy tackle is required as you will need to bully them. My choice of rod is a 10/11 weight with a reel capable of holding 200 yards of backing.


There are larger boats available on the island that can take you offshore where you will find shark, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, rainbow runners and a lot more. Heavier tackle up to 12 weights should be taken for this sort of fishing.

There is nowhere to buy fishing tackle on the island so you need to ensure that you take everything you need for your trip. If you are fishing the flats for Giant Trevally then take spare fly lines as you will likely be broken off on the coral at the edge of the flats.

Accommodation on Christmas Island is somewhat limited but it really is only a destination for fishing rather than a family holiday so you are unlikely to be looking for 5 star hotels.

I can recommend staying at the Captain Cook Hotel.

The first trip I made to Christmas Island was booked through Fly Odyssey


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